Farmantra assists young companies in raising capital from seed stage till series A through its relations with Private investors and family offices. Our experience shows a clear business strategy, realistic forecasts, well advised management and good governance invariably gives investors, confidence and thus speeds up fund raising.

We are establishing direct relations with both strategic and financial institutional investors. During capital raising, we assist the entrepreneurs in negotiating with the investors. Although, negotiation especially related to pre money valuation of companies is a matter of supply and demand i.e. how many investors are chasing you rather than vice versa, it requires a strong understanding of several processes such as liquidation preferences and participation rights that are very critical in raising money.

In sum we could help in the following:

Assess your company’s capital structure. We strongly advise against taking huge debts especially for pre revenue biotech companies

Assist in identifying the capital options available such as PE funding, family offices and business angels. However, what is important is to identify the right kind of investors to address your corporate objectives – seed, growth etc

Assist in negotiating with investors and help in closing the transaction

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