Summary of main services offered by Farmantra

While working with several clients we realized that the following services would add value to our clients:

  • CFO Services

    In the early stages of the drug development/ medical device, companies don’t earn revenues, thus reducing the role of a financial controller. Hence the CEOs of these companies require CFOs that are actually strategic – that bring analytical mindset and assist them in answering several questions that creates value in the short/long term:

    • · How can we manage the uncertainties that our clients face in the future – financial, clinical, strategic etc.
    • · How much cash we are burning every month and when we should start exploring for the funding options?
    • · All our peers are taking soft loans, should we also take it? Are we in the life cycle where we can accumulate lot of debts and hence avoid dilution of our shareholders?

  • Last Year
  • Current Year
  • Valuation for Life sciences products/technologies

    Many hold the opinion that valuation is a matter of simple forecasting and discounting to get the net present value. We argue that one of the keys to a good valuation is building right narratives with numbers.

  • Fund raising

    Biotech/MedTech are capital intensive businesses and in order to support their needs, we have developed networks of family offices, brokers and private investors which may provide funding for good candidates.

  • 45% - Private investors
  • 25% - Family offices
  • 15% - Institutional investors
  • 15% - VCs
  • ESG advisory for SFDR

    The new European regulation regarding sustainability disclosure for financial markets has implemented a new framework which funds managers and financial advisers must abide in order to proclaim that they are sustainable, ESG or similar.