The new European regulation regarding sustainability disclosure for financial markets has implemented a new framework which funds managers and financial advisers must abide in order to proclaim that they are sustainable, ESG or similar.

This regulation separates funds into three categories:

  • Article 6:
    • Funds which do not consider sustainability matters
  • Article 8
    • Funds which promote the environmental or social matters
  • Article 9
    • Funds with the objective of making sustainable investments

The levels and types of disclosures for each type of fund are different, but this regulation makes mandatory to make disclosures in:

  • Periodic reporting
  • Website
  • Pre-contractual agreement (prospectus)

Farmantra, specialised in providing services to biotech companies, is adept at handling KPIs that matter most to biotech funds and the companies.

We assist the biotech funds in the following:

  1. Assist in developing framework and policies
  2. Advise portfolio companies and funds on ESG integration.
  3. Develop simple algorithms for the KPIs customized for biotech companies
  4. Optimize ESG and social performance assessment policies, process and tools, and ensure compliance therewith.
  5. Monitor, measure and report the impact of investees and portfolios on sustainable energy.
  6. Generate best in class reporting system for ESG at fund level