Our story

The ideation of Farmantra started when the founder, Saurabh Mishra was pursuing his business management studies in Barcelona, Spain. The idea was bolstered when Dr. Ramon Fernandez joined as a Partner and was given a concrete shape with the help of other industry experts and policy makers who joined Farmantra as Board of Advisors. While working with several clients we realized that the following services would add value to our clients:

  • Valuation for Life sciences products/technologies : Many hold the opinion that Valuation is a matter of simple forecasting and discounting to get the Net Present Value. We argue that one of the keys to a good valuation is when you do consistency check to explore if you are not an outlier and build a story to justify your arguments. In addition, we don’t aim to be 100% correct. We aim to be as less wrong as possible.
  • Interim CFO Support : We believe that a young biotech company requires to have a good financial strategy in place that answers the following questions:
    • o How much cash we are burning every month and when we should start exploring for the funding options?
    • o How much should I raise and when? Should I raise more than I require?
    • o What are my competitors doing? What competitive strategies do we have in place?
    • o Should we take debt at this moment? Should you maximize the stock price or the Value of the company or Stockholder wealth?
    We argue that a biotech/MedTech company needs a CFO with a focus on finance that is forward looking who can understand the company’s long-term potential. We understand that as a CFO we need to have strong grasp of accounting parameters but for companies such as young biotech/medtechs, the accounting balance sheet does not reflect the future potential. We believe that these young companies derive much of the value from growth assets – the assets that are developed based on expectations future investments and returns then existing assets. Even the markets are long term which takes into account the expectations which is evident from the success of many young companies with no positive cashflows in raising substantial amounts of money. We have supported several clients in having a strong financial perspective.
  • Fund raising: Biotech/MedTech are capital intensive businesses and in order to support their needs, we have developed networks of Family offices, Brokers, Private Investors that assist in the fund raising.

Several early stage Biotech/MedTech companies leveraged Farmantra’s expertise in the services mentioned above and successfully progressed in the strategic path to take their innovations to the market.